Vision Statement


“To network and empower women from across the Territory in a way that will have an impact for God’s Kingdom”

To NETWORK women together in the “sisterhood” by building connections through E-News and our WTNT Website for regular support and encouragement and to develop and strengthen those connections through visiting communities and bringing women together from across the NT for an annual Conference called TOGETHER.


To EMPOWER women as they are built up in their faith through the Word, equipped in ministry and leadership, encouraged to step out in their gifting and stregthened in the love of the Lord Jesus Christ.


As women of the NT are empowered and connected with others we envisage and pray that they will be deeply inspired, encouraged and released.


To IMPACT the world for God’s Kingdom by being involved in mission.


ON A LOCAL LEVEL – as they live out the gospel in their families, workplaces, communities and churches and

ON A NATIONAL & GLOBAL LEVEL as they are given opportunities to join with others across Australia to be involved in advocacy and justice for women and their families in developing countries.